• award winning restorations of vintage sports and formula cars
  • from partial to complete, we do almost everything ‘in house’ to ensure consistent quality


  • in shop race preparation and maintenance, along with complete suspension alignment


  • suspension analysis utilizing Mitchell’s Win Geo 3 software
  • bring your car to me, or I can supply you with a check list of the required measurements
  • if your experiencing a consistent problem from track to track – many times a suspension analysis can discover an underlying problem with design or set-up


  • monocouque and tube frame fabrication, modification and repair
  • aluminum – oil tanks, swirl pots, header tanks and water pipes
  • custom exhaust headers fabricated in mild, 304,321 stainless and inconel
  • suspension fabrication and repair in seamless, mild or 4130 chrome moly
  • roll cages and bars
  • anti – roll bars
  • wings fabricated in aluminum pic 1….. pic 2
  • water and oil radiators fabricated from aluminum or copper & brass


  • from custom / prototype parts to short production runs


  • state of the art welding capabilities utilizing square wave tig welders
  • aluminum and magnesium casting repair – uprights, gearcases, adaptor plates and bellhousings
  • nickel – silver brazing capabilities, – this is how many vintage racers were originally constructed
  • gas – welding of aluminum were originality is a must

MAGNAFLUX & ZYGLO – Crack Inspection

  • magnaflux for all critical steel components, spindles, axles, steering arms and links, brake rotors ect.
  • zyglo inspection for magnesium and aluminum components, wheels, uprights, gearcases, adaptor plates and bellhousings
  • rockwell hardness testing available


  • complete rebuilding of Hewland Mk2 – 9 and Staffs 4 and 5 speed gearboxes
  • we have rebuilt several hundred of these boxes over the years, yielding the knowledge and experience to do the job right
  • competitive pricing with Taylor & Williams

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