Over the years we have done a lot of work with the Sports 2000 group of racers. From 97 & 98 national champ David Downey, to 2001 national runoffs runner up and multiple Central Division champ Mark Hardymon, we have been involved supporting these cars trackside, and have learned what can improve these cars.

LOLA  87/90 THRU 90/90

  • Front rocker pivot modification – replaces original pivots with a tapered roller bearing assembly
  • Front Upright mod. – modifies the original upright to change the camber curve
  • Rear Suspension mod. – new rear suspension mounts, and modified suspension to change roll center, camber curve and squat characteristics
  • Aluminum Radiator – light weight, double pass and better cooling than original


  • Front rocker stiffening – this mod adds 2 vertical ‘spars’ from the pivot point outward to prevent deflection
  • Front braking stabilizer kit – adds 2 struts that run from the upright/rocker joint to the front of the toe box in order to stabilize the rocker in the fore/aft axis pic
  • Engine bay lower braces – triangulates the bottom plane of the engine bay to prevent twisting under cornering loads
  • Shifter/Tub clearance – for earlier car the shifter is on top of the tub which does not allow enough elbow room. This mod relocates the shift rail inside the torque box, while removing some of the tub corner to provide more elbow room pic
  • Monocouque stiffening panels – this mod adds a 3 dimensional triangular panels below the front rocker box sides to strengthen this weak area.
  • Aluminum Radiator – almost half the weight of the original and cools better pic
  • Suspension – we have the jigs necessary to reproduce all of the DB2 suspension and most of the DB 5 suspension


  • Front Motor mount – redesigned, stronger front lower motor mount, supplied from Carbir on later cars but not on earlier pic
  • Front Suspension Geometry update – this mod changes the front suspension roll center to provide better roll center control thru the full range of suspension travel, and supplies increased loading on the front tires for more grip
  • Suspension – we can reproduce all bit & pieces of the Carbir’s suspension pic
  • Front Anti Roll Bar – this mod replaces the blade to provide a wider range of adjustment, it becomes unnecessary to disconnect the link for the rain since the full soft setting is so soft pic
  • Rear Anti Roll Bar – a twin blade, adjustable design offers a much wider range of adjustment, like the front, it becomes unnecessary to disconnect the blade link for the rain, if it dries out during the race, then you still have a sway bar to adjust! pic1……pic2
  • Aluminum Radiator – replace that original, tired rad with a new one from Elite!
  • Oil Tank / Bellhousing – we throw away most of the original structure, replace it with lightened thicker panels, glue and bolt it together yielding a bellhousing that does not leak oil and one that is structurally sound yielding the necessary strength to carry the suspension / chassis loads pic


  • custom fabricated to customer specifications.  Utilizing our experience we can suggest design considerations when in comes to weight, size, ect. We no longer supply a ‘standard’ platform. pic


  • We can fabricate virtually any radiator in aluminum or brass.  Send us a drawing or the original and I will be happy to quote you a price.

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