Bobsys’ are a sports racing car my Dad Gerald “Jerry” Mong designed and produced from 1958 to 1976. Starting in 1958 with the “Mong Special and ending with a run of 4 Formula Atlantic cars in 1976.  Approximately 200 cars and kits were produced during this time. Read more about Bobsy history at The Bobsy Registry, were you can find a current listing of owners along with numerous articles and information. I am indebted to Bob Alder and Don Anderson for all the work they have done in developing this site.

Please note that I have all the original drawings and can reproduce everything for these cars with the exception of the uprights. I have restored several SR3’s and a few SR6’s, feel free to contact me with you Bobsy needs.   Body molds are a different story, they are scattered about the country now. I know were most of them are and can acquire parts if needed.

Bobsy ……. an American Sports Car
– 1964 Mid- Ohio yearbook –

Some of the cars appearing here at Mid-Ohio were built not far away in Medina, Ohio. In a neat, white frame building there, Jerry Mong oversees production of Bobsy race cars. It was one of these cars, the prototype of the Mark 2 series, that Chuck Dietrich drove to the SCCA National Championship for G- Modified class.

These cars are novel in that their chassis are assembled from aluminum tubing by heli-arc welding. Mong designed the cars in aluminum to save weight over the more conventional construction using steel tubing. As a result, a class G-Modified Bobsy with an English Ford engine weighs only 740 lbs.

Mong began the Bobsy project during evenings in the winter of 1961-62, when he built two identical cars, now known as Mark 1’s, for H-Modified competition.  His partners in building the cars and racing them during the 1962 season were the Hier brother, Kaye and Allyn. They still have considerable success racing their Mark 1.

The cars showed so much promise that Mong sold his Mark 1 early in 1963 and set up to build cars full time. He improved his designs, incorporated everything he learned during the 1962 season, and came up with the Mark 2 Bobsy.  Most of the 1963 season was devoted to maintaining the prototype of this series in top-notch Condition for Chuck Dietrich to run in SCCA National races. The object was, of course, to show off the cars’ potential.  This was demonstrated convincingly at Watkins Glen where Dietrich won his fifth National race to earn the National G- Modified title.

The months since then have been busy ones, as Mong and his crew have Completed several mark 2’s for this season. These cars have been equipped with a variety of engines, including Osca (for G-Modified), and Stoddard-Alfa (F-Mod.)

The future looks bright for Bobsy Race Cars and although he isn’t giving out any details as this is written, you can be sure Jerry Mong has several new and interesting race car project on the drawing boards. Watch for their introduction at Mid – Ohio

The Bobsy Registry

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